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General Carpentry Services We Offer in Kingsley

Are you in need of expert carpenters in Kingsley who can deliver exceptional results? Look no further than Iluka Carpentry & Maintenance!

Front Door Installation - Kingsley Perth Western Australia

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Our extensive list of services includes:

Door Installation & Door Resizing:

Door installation Kinglsley Perth Western Australia

Whether you need interior doors or exterior doors, our impeccable craftsmanship ensures a seamless fit, enhancing both the beauty and functionality of the doors in your home or office.

From precision measurements to expert hanging, we use our expertise to create doors that open to a world of enduring quality and style.  Call us today and see how our door and frame installation services redefine entrances.

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Skirting Board and Architrave Installation:

When you want to elevate the look of your interior, nothing says class like skirting boards and architrave entrances.

Our meticulous craftsmanship meets design finesse as we tailor each element to complement your space. From seamless transitions to stylish details, our installations redefine the finishing touches, adding a touch of elegance that completes the aesthetic vision of your home or office.

Decking installation Kingsley - wood and composite decking installerNatural Wood and Composite Decking Installation:

Transform your outdoor space with the warmth of natural wood or carefree composite decking installation services that we offer in the Kingsley area.

Decks are not only beautiful but also functional, and we can discuss the pros and cons of building decks out of composite materials or natural wood so you can make the best choice for your family.

Timber Flooring Installation:

Experience the epitome of flooring excellence with our timber flooring installation services in Kingsley.

Whether you are interested in timber, composite, or bamboo flooring, we’ve got you covered.

Each plank is meticulously laid, promising a foundation that not only captivates with its visual appeal but one that will also withstand the test of time.

Flat Pack Kitchen Assembly:

Get the kitchen you want minus the hassle!

Whether you’re contemplating a flat-pack kitchen assembly or require assistance with assembling one, Iluka Carpentry serves the Kingsley and Perth metro areas for all flat pack assembly needs.

We not only help you design the most functional and beautiful kitchen you ever dreamed of but also remove all your worries about how to properly install your cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation KingsleyKitchen and Laundry Cabinets:

Beautiful and functional cabinets can make or break your home design.

If you’ve got cabinets that need repair or if you want new, gorgeous cabinets with the latest accessories, call Iluka Carpentry! We can handle cabinets for any room in your home.

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