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Showcasing And Protecting Your Property

Door installation Perth Metro area

Doors provide both a functional and an appealing aspect to any home. A grand entranceway that greets your visitors and welcomes them inside. Or as a means of security that protects you and your family from trespassers and other unwelcome guests.

Either purpose will only be effective with quality door installation and maintenance.

Iluka Carpentry & Maintenance have over 30 years’ experience and provide expert door installation and carpentry services for internal and external doors to the local Joondalup and Perth Metro areas.

Whether you are needing professional door installation, repairs, door painting or general maintenance done, we’re here to help you.

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Carpenter installing interior doors & door handles in Joondalup Home - Perth Western Australia

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Types Of Doors

Selecting the right doors (and ensuring you use a quality door installation service) is important whether you’re re-modelling or building, and with such a wide range of internal and external doors available it’s important to understand the area, function of your door and space available to get the perfect door for your needs.

Iluka Carpentry & Maintenance have extensive experience and provide expert door installation services and repair a wide variety of door styles such as:

  • Timber Doors
  • Solid Core External Doors
  • Hollow Core Internal Panel Doors
  • Bi-fold Doors
  • Sliding Cavity Doors
  • Sliding Timber Doors
  • French Doors
  • Screen Doors

We offer excellent service and sound advice on door installation in Perth Metro and surrounding areas. If you are developing a brand new office complex or simply doing a casual upgrade of your family home, we specialise in all kinds of door types.

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Install New Doors

Perth Doors installation Services

Once you have selected the type of hinged or sliding doors you want for your home, the next step is to have your door installation done correctly.

While door hanging may sound simple, an experienced door installation and repair professional with all the right tools and equipment can get the job done efficiently and safely.

Whether you are updating and fitting new internal doors or replacing your external doors, Iluka Carpentry & Maintenance are door installation experts. We will install your new door with precision, ensuring to clean up and remove any mess we make.

Prepare The Door Frame

Once you have selected your new door style, we will expertly prepare the frame, which involves removing the old door and its hinges, sanding the frame, patching/filling any holes, and painting or staining the frame if needed.

Install The New Door

Once the frame is ready, we can then commence door installation. We start by attaching the hinges to the door and then fitting the new door to the frame. We also take care of the installation of all fittings such as locking mechanisms, handles, and any other hardware.

Testing The Door

Once we have installed your new door, we test its functionality and fit, giving it a once over to make sure you will be completely happy with the end result. Checking for any gaps, squeaks, or misalignments we will make and necessary adjustments to ensure it is functioning perfectly.

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Door Resizing

Are you renovating your home and looking to create a new entrance in an existing wall, or need to build a new wall and doorway?

Front Doors & Internal Doors installed at home in Joondalup Perth Western Australia

When updating or resizing your doorways, accurate sizing and getting the measurements spot on is critical! As is having the right tools to get the job done.

We are equipped with the right tools and door carpentry essentials to make sure your frame sizes and new internal or external doors are finished expertly and professionally.

Make The Door Frame

We ensure accurate sizing and perfect angles when creating the door frames for whatever your door size needs, creating the perfect and sturdy housing for your door installation.

Setting Out And Cutting The Hinge Recess

This requires pretty exact measuring to ensure your door is lined up and operating perfectly in its frame.

Ensuring a smooth and flush finish is made possible by having the appropriate tools for chiseling out the hinge recess in the door jamb.

Attaching The Hinges

Here we use screws to attach the door hinge to the door frame, pulling the hinge leaf tight and flush into the newly created recess.

Your door jamb is now ready to be assembled around your new door and installed into the door opening.

Preparing And Positioning

We make sure the wall opening is flush and ready to place your new door frame without any gaps or misalignments.

Securing the door jamb to ensure the safety of your door and its smooth operation.


Architraves installation to Perth Doors

In addition to installing new doors, Iluka Carpentry & Maintenance can also add architraves and skirting boards to the door frames, providing an extra touch of style to your home.

Installing architraves requires an experienced professional who can measure and cut to the exact angles required, giving a professional appearance to your new door installation.

Door Lock Installation

Internal doors installation and door lock set Joondalup

Replacing your door locks can be an intricate and fiddly job depending on the type and style of lock you have, its also best to replace old locks with a new lock of the same size that will fit into the existing door lock cavity.

Iluka Carpentry & Maintenance provide door lock installation services and can take the headache out of what can be a very fiddly job.

We remove the old fittings, and install your new door lock, connecting the interior and exterior components, making sure the barrel and internal mechanisms operate smoothly and is aligned to the opposing striking plate on the door jamb.

Door Handle Installation

Front Door Handle Installation Perth

Door handles are as unique and varied as doors can be, be sure to select ones that are both functional and appealing and which suit the style of your home.

With over 30 years’ experience in door handle installation, we do an excellent job and can quickly fit your door handles with quality workmanship you can trust.

Iluka Carpentry & Maintenance are experts at measuring up and fitting new door handles, removing any old fittings, and ensuring the mechanism is functioning perfectly. We also offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your handles in top working order.

Install Timber Sliding Doors

Timber sliding doors are a popular choice for those who want minimal obstruction and maximum coverage which allows for bountiful natural light into your living areas.

Door installation is highly recommended to be completed by an experienced professional as the complexities of installing these door types requires specialised tracks and rollers.

These can all be a costly job to get wrong if you aren’t experienced, we have extensive experience with sliding door installations and can get the job done for you expertly and promptly.

Iluka Carpentry and Maintenance are experienced professionals providing a wide range of door installation services. We are prompt, reliable and pride ourselves on quality workmanship you can trust.

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